Jennifer Robinson

Jennifer is a freelance Makeup Artist and Eyelash Extensions Stylist based out of Pitt Meadows B.C., offering mobile and in studio services in all areas of the industry. Her philosophy is to enhance all your natural beauties, using special techniques and the finest products to achieve the look you have envisioned. 

Jennifer began doing makeup at a young age. Growing up performing in ballet recitals, she enjoyed the craft of helping her fellow dancers create their on stage looks.  In 2010 she enrolled in the Global Makeup Program at Blanche Macdonald graduating at the top of her class and never looked back.

Jennifer furthered her training with Dreamlash Academy in March 2017, where she became a Certified Eyelash Extensions Stylist.  Jennifer demonstrated her ability to create a proper frame for customizing lash designs; seamlessly applied lash extensions; and upheld safety, sanitation and application techniques to yield beautiful and long lasting eyelash extension results.  Jennifer is proudly listed as a Certified Professional Lash Stylist with Dreamlash Eyelash Extensions Academy.

Makeup, Lashes and Beauty is Jennifer's passion, and it gives her much joy to help everyone look and feel their best bringing out there own personal style and beauty.

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