Before Lash Extension Appointment (things to do prior to your appointment):

Please arrive with clean lashes (NO eye makeup, liquid eyeliner, mascara, mascara residue, eye shadow or creams around the eye area) to ensure you get the maximum time and and optimum retention for your lash application . Also, please do not perm and/or curl your eyelashes before your eyelash extension appointment. Do not wear any oil based products or waterproof makeup prior to your lash appointment.

Lash After Care:

I have an aftercare sheet that I will provide you with after your appointment that you can take home so this leaves no guesswork once you leave my studio!

First 24 - 48 hours are crucial :

  • DO not get your lashes wet for the first 24 - 48 hours after your lash application (avoid hot showers, saunas, hot yoga, tanning beds and any excessive heat )
  • Sleep with care.  The trick to prolong the life of your eyelash extensions is to sleep face-up.  If you have a habit of sleep face-down I recommend using a travel pillow to give you extra support and prevent this from happening.
  • Avoid mascara. Continual application and removal of mascara will dramatically shorten the life span of your lashes 
  • Avoid clamp-style eyelash curlers. This will damage your extensions
  • Avoid touching, rubbing and do not pick at your lashes as touching your lash extensions will shorten their lifespan
  • When drying your face, avoid rubbing. Instead, simply blot your face and apply light pressure to your closed eyes then allow the extensions to dry naturally
  • Natural human eyelashes shed at a rate of 7-10 per week. Your personal eyelash growth cycle somewhat determines the lifespan of your application
  • Avoid any oil-based cleansers, makeup removers and lotions as these products will dissolve the eyelash bonding agent.  Jennifer recommends SugarLash Pro's - Eyelash cleanser for keeping your lashes clean and healthy and will help with retention and the longevity of your lash extensions.
  • If you experience any sensitivity, seek a physicians’ care
  • Book regular fills. The purpose of fills keeps your natural lashes healthy and your new extensions lush and voluminous.  Getting fills regularly will ensure you get long-lasting return on your investment
  • Groom your eyelashes using the eyelash brush Jennifer provides you. This is part of good maintenance and keeps your eyelash neat and untangled
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