What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are permanent, silk/mink extensions which are individually applied to your own natural lashes one by one using a special formulated adhesive that lasts up to 4 weeks. They come in a variety of different curls, thickness and lengths. 

What do I have to do before arrival to my lash extension appointment?

Prior to arriving to your appointment, please come with no eye make-up on. However, if you are coming from work, we do have products to remove your eye make-up. Please arrive a few minutes early to remove your make-up so that this does not cut into your service time. For optimal bonding, lashes should be make-up, oil, serum or cream free and dry a few hours before we perform the lash extension service. Any debris from oily make-up remover or left over mascara can compromise the bond. 

How are these eyelash extensions applied?

Jennifer cleanses and preps the natural lashes making sure that they are squeeky clean prior​ to application. She then applies a protective eye gel pad under the eyes – not only does this protect the eye area from pointed tweezers but also doubles as an anti-aging treatment as well. Once the eye pads are secure, Jennifer will choose a custom blend of 3-5 lashes just for you. These silk or mink lashes are lightly dipped in a special lash adhesive and isolates the natural lash is carefully with two tweezers so that she can precisely apply them to the existing lashes with a “seamless” application as you relax in a comfortable bed.

How long does this procedure take?

A full set of classic eyelash extensions takes between 2 to 2.5hrs to apply. 

How often do you need to touch up / fill the extensions?

Most clients usually come in for a touch-up every 2 to 3 weeks. Jennifer highly recommends those clients that have naturally oily skin or are active (hot yoga, run, spin classes, swimmers etc) to come in sooner (2 weeks). Clients that cleanse properly, apply daily Clear or Black Coating Sealant daily and follow after care instructions can go 3-4 weeks before having to touch-up.

Can I shower or workout with my lash extensions on?

Yes, of course and in fact we encourage it! Wait at least a minimum of 24 hours after a new set or fill. Jennifer suggests to applying the Clear or Black Coating Sealant before and after swimming, hot yoga or a sweaty workout for optimal bond.

What style do I choose the style/length?

Every single visit begins with a consultation with Jennifer, where she will discuss the length, curl and fullness that you are trying to achieve. Please note that the length and fullness will truly depend on the length of your natural lashes.

Can I apply mascara on my lash extensions?

Yes, although it is not recommended. Mascara will clump and tangle your lashes. You get your eyelash extension for a reason - TO MAKE YOU DAILY ROUTINE QUICK AND EASY. No mascara needed :)

How do I care for my new lash extensions?

Jennifer will provide you with After-Care instructions during your lash appointment.  Please do not get your extensions wet, especially oil-based products near the eyelid close to the extensions and especially during the first 24 hours after your appointment.

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